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Satria Fu Injeksi

Harga motor satria injeksi Seven times won the championship contest beginner class modification step further solidify Alfin to continue to create the container Suzuki Satria FU150 his 2010 alerts. Various modifications have been applied to the theme besutannya. Not tangung-hearted, had seven Alfin make changes to the bike.

"Every win the contest, and contest motif modifkasi I always transformed. Out of champions, and they participate in the contest again, the theme of change, even though not the same as the previous modification. Thank God I won 7 times in various contests for beginner classes modification, "explains student of Industrial Engineering, University of Muhammadiyah Jakarta.

This time, Alfin takes the concept of Fashion Daily. That is, besides motor looks eye catching, also does not change the function as daily vehicle that drove him everywhere he goes. Not surprisingly, according to the concept chosen, the motor is more dominant in the paint and airbrush color games, plus some chrome on a number of components.

Alfin choose bright yellow paint smeared across the motor body, sweetened with sharp graphics airbrush strokes of green, blue, and black. For painting, he is doing himself and his friends in the workshop 'small-scale' property.

Rabu, 21 Oktober 2015

Motor Satria

motorsatria  Kawasaki is famous for his motor products, re-launched its flagship variant in class 250 cc sport bike, the Kawasaki Z250. The concept offered is motor sport bike naked models who look fierce and sporty style streetfighter. Although this bike weighs quite heavy, but very agile for use maneuverable and driven at high speed. Price Kawasaki Z250 includes quite affordable in its class. Motorists will look more handsome with motorhome this Japanese manufacturer. Z250 is a combination of the concept of the Kawasaki Z1000 and Z800. While the base engine adopts New Kawasaki Ninja 250 cc engine with fuel injection technology. The design is designed with an upright sitting position with a rather wide handlebars makes the rider appear as true streetfighter on the highway.

In the engine, Kawasaki Z250 using a type 4 stroke, DOHC 8 valves, 2 inline with liquid cooling and engine capacity of 249 cc. The power that is generated is quite large, reaching 32 PS / 11000 rpm at a maximum torque of 21 Nm / 10000 rpm. The machine uses a 6-speed transmission with an electric starter-type and multi-disc wet clutch use. Diameter steps 62 x 41.2 mm with a compression ratio of 11.3: 1 Fuel system using FI (Fuel Injection) features liquid cooling (liquid-cooled). For the ignition, this variant is designed with a digital system. More details about the specifications and price of Kawasaki Z250 you can see below:
harga motor satria f150
Price Kawasaki Z250 is priced quite friendly showing solid motor body because the frame is made of very strong material that is hardened steel (tube diamond). For the rear suspension system uses a bottom track uni link with gas-charged shock and 5 way adjustable preload. While the front suspension uses telescopic size of 37 mm. Brake discs with 2-piston caliper fixed to both the front and rear, the front section measuring 290 mm and 220 mm rear. Rear tire size 140/70 17 M / C (66 S) and the front tire 110/70 - 17 M / C (54s).

Kawasaki Z250 has a body that tall but quite slim, with an overall length reaches 2, the distance to the ground beneath 145 mm and distance trail 26/82 mm. For weighing at 168 kg, with a capacity of gasoline which pretty much is 17 liters. With a large body and carrying gasoline that is suitable enough to carry long-distance touring without fear of running out of gas when passing in places rare gas station.

Kawasaki Z250 at a price cheap enough, you will get many advantages. The advantages include a design with an aerodynamic shape so comfortable to drive even if lauched at high speed. The body is sleek and allows for easy overtaking maneuver on busy street though. Wide handlebars and a comfortable seating area indicates that the motor has a good riding position. In addition, part of the lamp is equipped with reflectors so that the brighter lighting. The futuristic design of the lamp adds Z250 look more elegant.

In the kitchen spur, Kawasaki Z250 is quite special that brought the engine type 4 stroke DOHC, 8 valve, 2 inline, with a capacity of 250 cc. This motor is able to produce a maximum power of 32 PS / 11000 rpm with a maximum torque of 21.0 Nm / 10000 rpm. By comparison, the Z250 has good acceleration. It also can produce impressive speeds reaching 191 km / h. By comparison acceleration for a distance of 200 meters to within 9.75 seconds, and reach speeds of 60 km / h can be reached within 3.1 seconds.

Frame made of steel (diamond tube) makes the Z250 a very strong and sturdy. So while driving is quite stable with convenient handling. Velgnya made of aluminum to make his legs feel stronger but lighter, and safer from the threat of rust / corrosion. The braking system, the Kawasaki Z250 is equipped with 2-piston disc brakes both front and rear (double disc brake) so as to produce the maximum braking power / grip. So with the braking system, the motor will be controlled safely albeit at high speed.

Then the instrument system, Kawasaki Z250 is designed with advanced analog and digital systems. Not to forget the elegantly designed dashboard speedometer with LCD screen displays digital system to access all the information needed by the driver. The instrument is also equipped with LED lights that remain bright and legible information in them easily though at night. Then in the fuel system using the technology of FI (Fuel Injection) make fuel consumption more efficient. Moreover FI embedded technology has been using cutting-edge innovation is the dual throttle valve system 2 that can work together or individually, depending on the needs of fuel into the burner room. Performance valve regulated by a computer system so that the proportion of more accurate and excellent engine performance. And the presence of a liquid cooling system, making the machine does not heat up quickly so that it becomes more durable.

In addition to the many offers many advantages, Kawasaki Z250 is priced tilted relative price also has some disadvantages. Among them are less than the maximum engine performance when using gasoline octane is less than 92. So that fuel would be more appropriate to use pertamax that price is higher than gasoline. Although the driver's seat is made with a very comfortable, but apparently this bike has a seat for a pillion small size. Standards for passenger whose body might be that it is less a problem, but for a big man will feel less loose, especially when taking a considerable distance. This point may be a consideration for you that takes into account the size of the area and upholstery
modifikasi motor satria f150

Selasa, 22 September 2015

Dimana Tempat Nongkrong Blogger Berdasi?

Ke amikom naik motor motorsatria Bagi yang belum tahu dimana tempat nongkrong blogger berdasi? itu tempat nya di jalan pamela yogyakarta ya jelas di ABC AMIKOM BLOGGER COMUNITY. Di abc ini kalian bisa menjadi hebat-hebat karena mastah-mastah disini pakar blogger semua ada yang menggukan blogspot dan wordpress untuk blognya. Memang beda ya wordpress dan blogspot ya jelas beda lah bro dari namanya aja jelas beda antara wordpress dan blogspot coba deh liat namanya beda. 

Oke lanjut kok malah ngomongin gak sesuai topik. tadi kan ngomongin Tempat Nongkrong Blogger Berdasi. disini tempat wadah menampung para blogger indonesia yang suka belajar tanpa kapok dan selalu berusaha untuk page one (halaman satu)dengan usaha sampai darah titik penghabisan hehehe emang ngapain darahnya kok bisa habis padahal kita kan cuma posting aja  aneh kamu yaa,. disini juga banyak teman-teman yang asik untuk di ajak bicara dan tuker pengalaman.

Tempat Nongkrong Blogger Berdasi
Adalah Tempat Nongkrong Blogger Berdasi

Tidak hanya sekedar bicara dan tuker pengalaman tapi di Tempat Nongkrong Blogger Berdasi ini kita bisa praktek langsung karena fasilitas internet yang sudah ada di bascame itu sendiri. dulu waktu saya masih sering di basment anak-anak abc sering disitu maka nya disebut sebagi Tempat Nongkrong Blogger Berdasi karena di kampus ungu yang terkenal dengan nama STMIK AMIKOM YOGYAKARTA dan lahir lah comunity blogger dengan nama ABC AMIKOM BLOGGER COMUNITY.

OH YA untuk mengendarai ini saya menggunakan oli terbaik. silahkan baca disini untuk melihat

Sekian dulu artikel ini semoga kalian bisa menjadikan tempat ini sebagai ladang pencari rezeki adan amal.
walikumsalam wr.wb

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jogja ... During the reign of Pakubuwono II, a civil war broke out in Mataram Sultanate. The civil war was Fought between Prince Mangkubumi and his elder brother, Sunan Pakubuwono II. The civil war started when Sunan Pakubuwono II agreed to cooperate with the VOCs, some of Mataram ceded territory to the Dutch, and submitted to foreign powers. His younger brother, Prince Mangkubumi Stood against the agreement due to concern that his people would Become slaves under Dutch rule. Prince Mangkubumi Defeated the Pakubuwono forces and declared sovereignty in the Kingdom of Yogyakarta occupying southern parts of the former Sultanate of Mataram.

The Yogyakarta Sultanate was established as a result of the Treaty of Giyanti (Gianti Agreement) by Prince Mangkubumi, who later ascended the throne as Sultan Hamengkubuwono I. Officially, the creation of Yogyakarta Sultanate is dated at 7 October 1756 as a result of civil war Among the princes of the Sultanate of Mataram. This civil war marked the end of the Mataram Sultanate and resulted in the birth of the Yogyakarta Sultanate and the Surakarta Sunanate.

However, in later years both of the Heir of Mataram, the Yogyakarta Sultanate and the Surakarta Sunanate confined Reviews their power and were reduced as Dutch East Indies Protectorate Kingdoms under the crown of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, identified as Vorstenlanden Mataram.

During the British occupation of Java, rumors of Javanese court's plan on staggering a rebellion cause uneasiness to the colonial authority. On 20 June 1812, Stamford Raffles led a 1,200-strong British force to attack the royal city. The Javanese who are surprised by the attack was Easily subdued. In one day the city of Yogyakarta fell with the city destroyed and its palace looted. The event completely stripped the Sultanate of its remaining power and influence. [3] The sack Also left the court humiliated and fueled a rebellion the which would be known as the Java War.

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Distributor Mokamula Jogja

Tas Mokamula adalah salah satu tas handmade dengan kualitas yang berbaik. Tahun ini Mokamula menghadirkan inovasi baru dengan menggandeng penyanyi kenamaan Andien Aisyah sebagai brand ambassador terbaru kami, salah satu HPO (handphone Organizer) edisi Andien adalah Black Filia.
Black Filia merupakan salah satu koleksi HPO Andien Edition yang cantik dan elegan, sangat cocok bagi anda para wanita yang mencitai sebuah keindahan. Black Filia ini memiliki kombinasi warna yang cantik dengan ukuran 25x15x3 cm dan dilengkapi dengan tali sepanjang (140-150 cm) plus ritsleting
Bahan dari tas ponsel ini adalah Real Suede dengan aplikasi bordir pada bagian luar dan menggunakan bahan dinier pada bagian dalam.
Pada HPO Black Filia ini terdapat 2 tempat HP, 1 sekat untuk tab berukuran 8 inch dan sebanyak 20 slot kartu, selain itu juga terdapat 1 saku ritsleting, 2 sekat uang kertas dan 1 saku belakang yang akan memudahkan anda untuk membawa berbagai macam smartphone yang anda miliki.
Bagaimana? Tertarik untuk memilikinya? Segera hubungi kami di PinBB 5415ABB2 untuk melakukan pemesanan. didukung oleh  distributor mokamula

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Minuman berenergi

Minuman berenergi Kratingdaeng terdaftar BPOM dan lolos uji keamanan pangan HACCP
Seluruh kandungan dalam Kratingdaeng sudah sesuai dengan batas keamanan yang ditetapkan
BPOM sehingga aman dikonsumsi 3 botol sehari. Kratingdaeng diproduksi di pabrik Sukabumi
yang sudah memperoleh sertifikasi ISO 9002 dan lulus uji keamanan pangan dimana setiap
produk yang diproduksi telah melewati proses HACCP (Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Points)
yang ketat. Kratingdaeng bukan obat sehingga tidak memiliki efek samping dan tidak
menimbulkan efek ketagihan

Benarkah minuman energi menyebabkan kematian?
Banyak kasus kematian akibat over dosis kafein dari produk minuman energi impor dari luar
negeri yang kandungan kafeinnya terlalu tinggi sampai 500ml/sajian atau 10x lebih tinggi dari
kopi sehingga menyebabkan jantung berdebar. Minuman energi luar negeri juga tidak
mengantongi izin resmi dari BPOM sehingga keamanannya tidak terjamin. Ada kabar bahwa
beberapa produk Kratingdaeng illegal dilarang beredar di Indonesia? Benar, karena produk
tersebut diimpor secara ilegal dari luar negeri sehingga tidak mengantongi izin dari BPOM.
Konsumen disarankan hanya mengkonsumsi produk yang mencantumkan Nomer BPOM. Jadi
pastikan bahwa Kratingdaeng yang anda minum diproduksi di Indonesia sehingga aman bagi

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Macam macam Karakter Golongan Darah

Karakter golongan darah AB

Orang yang memiliki golongan darah AB memang sulit ditebak atau diprediksi. Mereka mampu memmiliki arakter dari kedua ujung spektrum yang berbeda.

– Memiliki perasaan yang lembut dan sensitif.

– Menjaga perasaan orang lain, penuh perhatian dan menghadapi orang lain selalu dengan kehati-hatian.

– Keras dengan diri sendiri dan dengan orang-orang yang dekat dengannya.

– Cenderung mempunyai dua kepribadian.

– Sering sentimen dan memikirkan sesuatu teralu panjang.

– Punya banyak temen, akan tetapi perlu waktu untuk menyendiri dan memikirkan masalah-masalah mereka.

Baca lebih lengkap di artikel kesehatan